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It's been quite a while since I last posted on here, life has quite abruptly been getting in the way - but I will go into that in another post - and I thought what better way to reintroduce myself than with a review of our favourite baby class.. if you don't already know what I'm going to say then you clearly don't follow my Instagram account, it's of course Mini Magoo's.

Mini Magoo's was first recommended to me at a baby massage class when Callum was only a few months old - yet it took me until he was nearly 7 months old to go and that's my biggest regret. We simply love it, so here it goes. I hope I do it justice. What is Mini Magoo's? Mini Magoo's is a baby sensory class ran by an amazing and lovely lady called Jenny. To me she is a baby genius. Her classes are filled with fun, interaction, education and of course songs. And the songs are very very important. Each week is a different theme and my word, the time she must spend finding enough songs to match a theme is beyond comprehension but she does not disappoint. From farm to pirates and even baby rave she will have babies and mummy’s alike bopping and singing along to the tunes.

For me, right from the get go I knew this was a bit of me. The hello song alone was not only catchy but worked wonders at calming Callum down at home, and it also uses makaton sign language so it helps you to interact with your baby too. Each week we were given different props and toys to play and learn with, and she even introduces a controlled amount of messy play for further exploration. For me though the biggest positive was the structured tummy time. Before we started attending Mini Magoos, Callum hated tummy time and wouldn't even entertain the smallest amount of time, however after only a few weeks he was doing five minutes at a time and was soon loving exploring on his front. This was perfect for Callum in particular as it helped him to grow his core strength which will enable him eventually to sit unattended. At the beginning of each session all the babies are brought together in a circle for tummy time whilst distracted by the flashing lights, bubbles and music that Jenny provides. I even tried to replicate this at home when we couldn't go but Callum definitely knew he was being ripped off with a cheap alternative haha..

On a serious note though, if you’re looking for something to take your baby to I whole heartedly recommend Jenny. Even the tiniest babies can enjoy the fun too with her Teeny Magoo's classes and she also offers baby massage and baby sign classes too so please do check her out. Why not pop on over to her website and Facebook page and show her some love, I promise you won't be disappointed!! Thanks for everything Jenny, I know you're just doing you're job but to me you went the extra mile always accomodating us when our schedules meant we couldn't come and for one hour a week I felt I really got to embrace fun with Callum and truly let go of everything else that was going on around us, plus we made some friends too which is always a bonus. Were sad that our time has come to end, but I will definitely be seeking you out when we finally decide extend our puffin brood ☺️ xxx   

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