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Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants

Recently we signed up to be part of the Pampers Squad and applied to complete their first mission - to try out for ourselves and share our experience using their premium protection active fit nappy pants..

Whilst these were gifted to us by Pampers these are our honest opinions.. and in all honesty they didn't disappoint!

We first started using Pampers when Callum was newborn. He was so tiny that we had to use size 0 which were so incredibly tiny and always provided excellent protection. From those we moved onto Mamia which we knew were good and obviously are much cheaper. But when we got to size 3 they started to leak and for us they were no longer a good fit.

We went back to using Pampers and tried baby dry which I loved using. They were so soft and didn't leak once, but as budgets were tight we needed to look for an alternative. We tried Boots and Sainsbury's but I wasn't happy with either and then settled for Asda Little Angels, which in my opinion are the best competitive nappy to Pampers - that we've tried at least.

Then came this opportunity and it's been a bit of a game changer!

When we received the pack, I couldn't wait to give them a go and to share them with my mummy friends. I put them on him straight away and was surprised at how well they worked.

As Callum has dwarfism his motor skills are delayed, so he doesn't sit independently or crawl yet, but man does he wriggle and roll. He is also only in a size three nappy as he is small and these were a size four but I thought sod it I'll give them a whirl anyway! And even though they are technically too big they didn't leak once!

Since the box arrived I have used them with him at home and when I'm at work he's worn 'conventional' nappies.

My opinion.. they are honestly fab and if you haven't tried them then go and give them a go, especially when they're on offer during the many supermarket baby events.

They are super soft, amazingly stretchy and provide excellent protection, plus make wriggly nappy changes a breeze. You will find your own technique for getting them on (mine is slide them over both legs at once) and to remove you simply tear the sides, roll them up and secure with the tag on the back. So easy!!

For more information and to see the nappies closer, check out my you tube channel where I have a review video too -

I hope you found this blog useful and to prove how much we liked them, we have since been and bought lots of the baby dry nappy pants as they are available in size three.. honestly I have over 100 upstairs in his room 🙈😂


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