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Sleep Training - let the battle commence...

So I've decided it's about time we tackled Callum's sleeping habits in particular his daytime naps. 

Callum's naps have always been irregular and very much led by him, but this has made for wobbly bedtimes filled with tears and frustrations. 

He used to be a good little sleeper but with teething and sleep regression things have really gone downhill and most nights he wakes at least once and I'm left carrying rather large bags under my eyes most days.

So I was talking to my friend about this and she shared with me a sleeping plan she had been following so I'm going to give it a go when I can. 

The problem is that I'm one of these people that doesn't want to rely too heavily on daytime routine as each day we are out and about and not always at home at designated 'nap times'. But when we are here we will definitely give it a whirl. I'm probably my own worst enemy here haha...

So day one didn't exactly go to plan. We had a brilliant start with a scheduled 30 minute nap which was bang on time, oh how proud I was, and that's where it all went down hill.. and fast! Callum point blank refused his lunchtime nap which should be the longest of the day at around 2hrs and instead only had two 10 minute catnaps in the car which made for one very overtired boy and bedtime was an absolute disaster. Granted after all that fussing (aka screaming at the top of his lungs at us) when he did settle he stayed asleep for most of the night so that was a little victory!

Today is day two and we had a class which started just after Callum's 'nap time' meaning we didn't have the time to stay in. I decided to pop him in the pram and walk around the park beforehand so he got some sleep, and this seemed to work. I brought his lunchtime forward as per the plan and when it came to that dreaded long nap it took me 30 minutes to get him to go to sleep. Finally something was going to plan, but after all that work the damn dog woke him by barking after only 40 minutes sleep. So he's not had the prescribed 2 hours that we wanted and is very whiny but he has never slept for long during the day and we're going for a walk later so he will probably sleep again in the pram then. Fingers crossed!!

We will resume the plan at bedtime and fingers crossed tonight goes more smoothly. I'm not giving up just yet... I will keep you posted!!


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