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Alder Hey - Endocrinology Visit

So last week we had our second appointment at Alder Hey and this time we went to the Endocrinology department.

Before our appointment my only knowledge was that they deal with hormones.. and after, well that's pretty much the same ha! Although I did get the impression that our Dr will be more concerned with Callum's overall growth and development, rather than one specific area.

The appointment this week also left me feeling much better as after the first appointment we were a bit deflated. All the appointments appeared to be just general chit chats covering the same things each time and not actually preparing us for the months and years to come. However I felt like a little bit more was accomplished this time, but maybe that is because they weighed and measured him this week.. hmmm small glories!!

So Callum is now 61.4cm long and weighs 15lb12oz. They didn't plot his weight or height on the normal charts as he will be given new ones for achondroplasia, but in the charts we have I think that puts him near the 25th centile for weight and still well below the 0.4th centile for height.

As we don't have the proper charts yet, I went online to a website called and plotted him on there as a guide as they have achondroplasia charts too. According to this site his current length puts him at 68% (I did it wrong the first time so the figures on my you tube video are incorrect) which is obviously miles more positive than before! YEY!! Hopefully we will have this clarified when we see the paediatrician this week.

Anyway, going back to the appointment, the Dr measured Callum's head again and listened to his chest and completed some general observations. She too seemed really happy with his progress and whilst she is going to look out for the MRI results to see what they say, she said otherwise she won't need to see us again until nearer October to check on his progress.

The one good thing we have got from these appointments is that they have no current concerns and that is fantastic. There are a lot of complications that can come with achondroplasia and to know that our journey so far is smooth is really amazing. Whilst I still can't help but stress about the little things and every now and then feel a little bit down, its easy to see that Callum is a happy little boy who is thriving and developing at his own rate.

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