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Teeny Weeny Weaning Update...

So its not been long since my original weaning post, but Callum is doing so well with his eating that I thought it would be good to update you on his routine.

He is now almost 8 months old and has been eating 3 meals a day, with a "proper" meal at tea time. Before I was giving him combination purees and now we have introduced more finger food and more variation.

This is a general day for us (on those rare occasions when it all goes to plan)

8.00 - Callum wakes and most days I get him dressed before we come downstairs as we have classes at 9.30/10 so to save time we do everything before breakfast. He is never desperate for food in the mornings, which you would think he would be as it has been well over 12hrs since his last feed.

8.30 - I give Callum his breakfast - at the minute I am alternating between the following three choices:-

1. Blueberry Breakfast. This is is puree of blueberries, apple and spinach mixed into natural live yoghurt. I tend to do two spoonfuls of the blueberry mixture and two spoonfuls of yoghurt.

2. Orchard Oats. This is a blend of rolled oats with plum and apple puree.

3. Pouches / Weetabix. This is for the more unprepared mornings, like this morning!! Today we had a mango and peach breakfast pouch from Aldi and Callum had about 3 or 4 tablespoons. Yesterday he had weetabix with Daddy - he would have finished the whole weetabix but he gave him 3/4 of it to make sure he drank a good portion of his bottle.

We follow his breakfast with his usual milk feed which is 6oz - somedays he only takes 4.5 or 5oz of the bottle.

11.30/12.00 - Callum has his normal mid morning bottle. This again is 6oz, he has never liked large quantities of milk and I doubt ever will. Somedays he drinks it all, somedays he doesn't, its very hit and miss.

12.30/1.00 - For lunch I tend to stick to fruit and vegetable combinations to keep his digestive system working well as he sometimes struggles and we are struggling to get him to drink water. At the moment like at breakfast I am rotating three choices: Parsnip & Pear, Cauliflower Cheese, and Banana, Ginger & Pear.

2.30/3.00 - He has his mid afternoon bottle. Usually I would offer him 6oz again but this week I am trying to up his bedtime bottle so I have decreased this one down to 4oz. We will see how it goes..

4.30/5.00 - I was previously giving Callum his tea at 5.30pm but I have brought this forward slightly as it was too close to his bedtime bottle at 6.30pm. For tea again I have three options which I am alternating.

1. Easy Fish Pie. This is a combination of salmon, spring onion, sweet potato and broccoli, with a touch of creme fraiche and full fat milk.

2. Spaghetti Bolognase - nothing unusual here, just lean beef mince, carrot, leek, passata, oregano and spaghetti (although I used pasta).

3. Lamb & Carrot - nice and simple, just lamb mince and carrot.

These are all mashed so not as smooth where possible, the lamb dish however went very smooth so I will mash it by hand next time rather than use the hand blender.

6.30 - Bedtime. This week we are trying Callum on 7oz bottles at bedtime. It worked yesterday but he had skipped his mid afternoon bottle. We will have to see what tonight brings..

After lunch and tea Callum also gets some finger food or yoghurt accompanied by fruit. I tend to give him orange segments, chopped up grapes or slices of banana. If he has yoghurt I will mix in chopped fruit or a fruit puree. If we are out and about I tend to carry some of the crisp like snacks with me - he currently has some carrot puffs and sweetcorn wheels which he really likes.

So in a nutshell, that is our day for the time being. As my meals run out I may introduce some new ones, but as I am making them myself I am trying to stick to simple things that we would eat ourselves. I plan to start giving him what we eat but as I am not prepared enough with our own meals he has to have our own, I don't think chicken kiev and sweet potato fries is suitable at the moment, do you haha!!

If you have any questions or want any of the recipes let me know. All my recipes so far are either from Holly Willoughby's book or Cow & Gate and my pouches are either Ella's or Aldi's.


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