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The start of our vlogging adventure...

Hey everybody, and Happy New Year I guess as my first proper post of 2018...

With the new year, a new challenge lies ahead and that is our entrance into the big bad world of vlogging. So we're still relatively new to blogging on it's own, but why not making it a bit more exciting with a weekly video so you can actually see and get to know us.

I will still be blogging alongside of our new vlogs, and will find writing much easier when it comes to difficult subjects and the way I feel but hopefully the vlogs will be a lovely accompaniment to this new part of our lives.

So my first vlog was an introduction - I would say small, but it lasted 8 minutes long (whoops), and so to compensate my second attempt is I think just shy of 4 minutes long and captures an average day in our life.

Please head over to my you tube channel and click subscribe to follow our little life, as we navigate the crazy world of motherhood and learn more about achondroplasia.

Here is my second vlog - I hope you like it, and if there is anything you would like me to cover or talk about on here or on the vlog please feel free to send me a message and let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

Thanks Everyone!

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