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Little but most definitely loud!!

There is no missing this little mischief maker as his squeals I am sure can be heard from miles away. He is without doubt going to be little but loud!!

Callum loves to be on the floor or anywhere lying down in fact and gets irritated when he is manhandled too much. Whilst this is perfectly fine when we are at home, when we are out and about it can become quite tricky. I think one of his play mats will become a staple in the changing bag .. we even took one to a wedding a few weeks ago and he happily lay whilst we had our meal. You wouldn’t have even known he was there apart from the occasional squeal!

I did the same with his blanket when we went out for tea for my nephews birthday. The table behind me wasn’t being used so I lay him on the blanket and he happily *sang* or shouted should I say ... I don’t think we will be auditioning for X factor any time soon lol! (FYI to any mummy police reading, Callum doesn’t roll yet and I was with him at all times when he was lay down, I of course won’t be putting him on a table when he can move about!)

Whilst we are still waiting for the results of the dna testing and an official diagnosis it is important that we take care of any additional needs Callum may have and his love of lying down is most likely due to his kyphosis - which is a curvature if the spine.

The lower part of Callum's spine curves outwards which is common amongst babies with dwarfism and should correct itself when he stands and walks, however until then we need to ensure it is properly supported. Unfortunately this means no bouncy chairs or jumperoos or anything that looks remotely fun which to be honest is a bore (I’m going to have to be imaginative with my toy choices from now on). We also can’t use a baby carrier for any length of time either and even picking a high chair was tricky.

With the high chair we needed one that had proper head and neck support, a high sturdy back, an adjustable leg rest and a decent recline option. Callum’s kyphosis means that we shouldn’t put him in a traditional sitting position until he is strong enough to do it on his own, as the position can put too much pressure on his spine and can even crunch the vertebrae together. After doing some reading I have found that a 45 degree angle is considered to be best when sitting so he is slightly laying back ensuring no pressure is placed on his back, and because he doesn’t have full head and neck control a baby insert is great for keeping him securely in place. With all this in mind and after a lot of research we decided on the Joie Mimzy LX which does all of the above and didn’t break the bank at the same time. Bonus!

So now that we have a high chair we have began to sample some foods starting with sweet potato and then some prunes (cruel I know but it was to try and help him, you get the gist lol) and then some carrots, not on the same plate of course ha. Surprisingly he actually ate more of the prunes then anything else.

As his development is slower he didn’t quite understand that he needed to pick up his carrot sticks and simply stared at them instead so we’re sticking to purees for now. I will keep you updated on how we get on.

PS. This isn’t a sponsored or paid review of the Joie Mimzy LX I just wanted to inform other parents of babies with dwarfism what chair we picked as I struggled to find any information on what we needed and what was best to use. I know how stressful this can be and if this blog helps just one more person I will be happy with that!

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