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My bump... I love my baby bump!!

Recently I feel like everyone is judging me based on my bump? I constantly get remarks like 'Wow you're so big', 'Aww, It's so cute' and 'Oh aren't your neat'

Anyone would think that

I have a choice over the size and proportion of my bump and that passing comment gives me the power to alter it a bit like changing the volume on the tv... unfortunately not!

The best thing is that all of these comments (which to be fair baffle me more than they actually bother me) are completely 100% contradictory!

In the space of 2 hours the other day, baring in mind that I spent just short of one hour entirely on my own in the car, my bump was described as all these things!!

So what am I then?

The truth.. my bump changes from day to day, sometimes from hour to hour. It varies depends on how much I've eaten, hormones and the position of my little man of course!

My favourite quote so far has to be 'you don't look pregnant from the back' .. this one always tickles me 'cause surely that is a good thing. If my bump was on the back we would be in real bloody trouble!!

I know, I know, it's a polite way of saying that I haven't put on much weight, it just really does make me laugh!!

Finally a heads up to the guy at work that stops me every time he see's me to say ... "wow where did that come from??"

I generally laugh politely and walk away, whilst in my head I am yelling 'the same place it did every other time you've asked me' - I really don't know how much longer I can fake it before the pregnancy hormones take over and I karate chop him in the head...



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