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Feel The Burn .. and that's before labour!!

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and yes I am still going to the gym! In fact I have never stopped. I'm careful, my fabulous instructor Georgia looks after me, and more importantly I enjoy it. It makes me feel good.

In some people's eyes I'm a hero .. aren't you good they say.. because after all everyone knows pregnancy is a time to relax and eat for two not work out *rolls eyes*

It's that or .. Well when are you going to stop? You should be taking it easy (said to me even by trained antenatal 'professionals')..

...cue that familiar inward scream... Silently I'm yelling 'I'm pregnant you baffoon, it doesn't mean I have to put everything on hold and sit on my arse for 9 months'...

Thankfully I'm still keeping it together and managing to smile and say 'I'll stop when the time is right' because I listen to my body and I know when to take it easy and when to call it a day!

It's not like I'm stupid, well not all the time thanks to the lovably named 'baby brain'. If I feel like it's a bad idea, or I'm tired, or I just frankly don't want to go, I don't! I don't force myself. I don't put myself under any strain. But the gym is time for me, where I am just that .. me! Not pregnant me (although the Zumba waddle is now my trademark move haha)

And yes .. I am still doing Zumba!

Zumba is a firm favourite! I love the music and even though I know have to concentrate super hard (again baby brain) and some weeks my coordination is slim to none, there is nothing quite like a Zumba sweat to make you feel like you've worked hard .. and trust me I sweat a lot more now than before and I didn't think that was possible (TMI)

I know I only have a few sessions of Zumba left (due to antenatal classes clashing with my one hour of freedom a week) and I plan on going for as long as I can...

Exercise through pregnancy is perfectly healthy and good for you, providing that you were actively exercising before and are not taking up anything new and putting your body through any undue strain. It is even supposedly meant to help with labour and I will try anything when it comes to that HA!

As I frequently tell my dad, I will be Zumba-ing through labour at this rate haha


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