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20 Week Scan... *drum roll* ... it's a ...

Valentines Day 2017 gave us the best present ever... we got to see our little munchkin again!!

What we didn't know is that this isn't a gender scan, so don't go expecting to find out the sex of the baby.

The 20 week scan is the anomaly scan, to check the progress and growth of the baby and to identify any possible birth defects etc.

The midwife was lovely and talked us through everything, commenting on everything she could see from the obvious parts like the arms, legs, head and torso, to the tiny stomach, heart and other organs.

She even checked for anomalies like cleft lip and club foot - things I hadn't even considered could be identified do early on.

Finally after checking everything, she asked if we had any questions. But didn't ever mention the sex of the baby!!

So with a deep breath I asked 'do you know what it is?'

After a little inspection .. and of course a disclaimer to say this was just her opinion, but as we asked she was happy to share, she told us that...



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