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Well Hello There Yummy Mummies

So this is my first post, where to start? I'm currently in week 28 of my first pregnancy **so excited btw** and I've been umming and arrhhing about whether to start a pregnancy/baby blog for weeks, so now I am taking the plunge.

**Drum roll please**

Welcome to The Little Puffin

I guess it really all began after I took my first, second and yes third pregnancy test that proved I was in fact actually pregnant. I was relying on my Clear Blue digital test to put it into words before letting myself believe it was in fact true. Once the news set in and as the weeks progressed I found that myself tirelessly googling pregnancy related topics trying to find out if what I was experiencing was in fact 'normal'.

The whole experience was completely unknown to me (and still is to this day) and after scrolling endless blog posts later on mummy networks, I gave up! I told myself rationally that if my 'symptoms' worried me enough I would of course call the midwife and to stop working myself up. But as expected the power of google won and my late night search sessions continued.

After never really getting the answers I wanted, I came up with the idea of an honest blog highlighting my experiences - both the good and the bad, to try and prevent future first time mummies from my midnight panics!

I want to be really honest and real with you all, so I'm not going to powder coat my pregnancy joys and woes. Some of my experiences you will be aware of, some maybe not. Sometimes you may think its really too much information, but either way I hope you enjoy reading the story of my pregnancy. You never know you may even get a few laughs at my expense.

Speak to you all soon!


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