The original little puffin with our 12 week scan

The Little Puffin was intended to record my journey through pregnancy and into parenthood, talking about my experiences, emotions and even concerns. However our little guy had other ideas and after appearing 3 weeks early my blog simply went to pot.

As you may be aware Callum has achondroplasia and so our journey into parenthood has taken another route. We are waiting an 'official' diagnosis but since we got the news my old blog was given a new lease of life - an outlet to share our experiences.


It will hopefully help to educate those who are interested and want to learn more about dwarfism and make other average height parents facing a similar future to ours confident in knowing that everything is in fact going to be ok.

Callum may be small but we will ensure he will be kind and mighty - for after all height is just a number!!

I hope you like it, I am looking forward to writing about our journey with dwarfism, and filling you in every step of the way!